Who We Are

Our Story

In 2022 the mortgage industry experienced what we will lightly call a “hiccup”, but could also be called a “meltdown of epic proportions”.  Rates were going up fast, production at lending companies was going down, and it became apparent real quick that things were changing.  As processors, the companies we worked for as dedicated employees dried up on loans.  There was nothing to do, jobs were in jeopardy, and things were looking bleak.  
It became increasingly obvious that being captive to one company as a processor has upsides when things are good and loans are rolling, but that can fall apart real fast.  Certainty from employment is never certain when processing loans as an in house processor because when things get tight for the company, you have no control over your income or future, and processors are the first on the chopping block.
It was at this time that our company vision was formed.  Why process loans for one company when you can work with many?  This is a cut-throat, high stress, eat what you kill industry and we embrace the highs and lows that come with that.  So, we decided to go out and establish great relationships with great people to process loans for, and Hancock Processing LLC was off to the races.
We never take a relationship for granted, and we know nothing is ever promised for tomorrow. We know we have to deliver to maintain these relationships, and we would much rather do that then sit at our desk in a lender office collecting our salary checks hoping for a stable life, as we have now realized that stability can evaporate overnight.
We process loans, we make borrowers and LOs happy to work with us, and we save Brokers and LOs a ton of money on processing staff.  Most importantly…

Who are we?

We are down to earth real group of experienced mortgage processors completely based in the United States.

We have processors in every time zone to cover your needs, and we have a lot of processors to choose from for you to find the right fit for someone to work with.

We can hire and pay your processors instead of you, and you can put the fee on the LE/CD instead of paying for it out of your pocket. It goes in Section B so it does not count against QM or high cost.

We provide your processors more opportunities; They can take on additional accounts to close more loans and make more money without having to come to you asking for a raise when you are slow - You never need to worry providing them enough income.

Build relationships with a processor instead of changing hands all the time - No round robin, work with the same person every time, unless you want to change, in which case go get'em tiger just select someone else on our team to send your next loan.

We work out of YOUR systems the way YOU want as if you hired a processor internally. - None of this "You need to check our client portal", or "You need to do A, B, and C in our system to view the status of your loan". Nonsense. With us, you check YOUR system to see your loan status as we work on your loans out of YOUR LOS, so you always know where everything is at. To be frank, no one in mortgages needs another portal, login, or system to keep track of, it's exhausting. We link our Arive or Lending Pad directly to yours

We pay our processors well so that they are committed to working your files.

We believe the price for our services needs to be reasonable, so we have set our prices for our packages to be the most competitive in the industry.

We are simple and our pricing and packages reflect that. If you close a loan, we get paid. If you don't close a loan, we don't get paid.

We are paid at closing by Title, you don’t need to worry about getting us paid.

We live and breathe closing loans and we take that very seriously.

Who are we NOT?

We are not some overblown corporate company trying to be a tech company. You don't have to learn new systems that we think are really cool because we built them but provide no value to you. Whatever you work out of, we work out of.

We do not play the overseas game trying to hire people in other countries to do this very important job for as little money as possible. That has never made sense to us.

We are not greedy. We have seen what other processing companies charge for some of their services and it is just egregious.

We do not have a whole game around how we get paid. There is no formula where we are owed money unless a loan closes. We are aware of other competitors' pricing plans that have a million triggers where you owe them money if a loan doesn't close. You don't get paid if a loan doesn't close, so why should we?

We only get paid depending on where we take over on the loan, we don’t have miscellaneous fees.